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  • Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 21:02:50 -0500

Hi everyone!

When I proofed my first book and this one, all of the paragraphs were together without a blank line between each paragraph, unlike the way it is often done when writing on the computer and how the OCR software does it, at least, OpenBook does. I suspect that is because of the file being saved in the RTF format, which probably loses some of the attributes.

Both for the first book I proofed and the one I just started, I have been putting the blank lines back in. Is that necessary? I read each line one at a time by down arrowing so that I can read carefully to determine where one paragraph ends and the next one begins. I thought I should do that, because it didn't seem like each paragraph started with an indent. Am I wrong? Is it really indented?


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