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Hi Sue
I don't have the book any more as my wife took it back to the library a while back. I have the rtf copy here in my files and I looked that up and can't figure out what that means. It's LOMB. Vivienne eventually married a man by the name of Lock but I don't know if that is what that was supposed to be. I don't know why the title doesn't show up at the top of the first page, but it seems to be missing. Sorry 'bout that, I just can't think what it might be. I even scanned the text of the first few pages to try to get a clue but nothing came to mind.
Hope the rest of it turns out better.


,At 01:05 PM 10/9/2007, you wrote:

Hi Bud,

I am validating Dangerous To Know, by Barbara Taylor Bradford, and I have a question.

Where it lists the parts and narrators, it says, "Part One Vivienne: but I can't make out the name of the part. Sorry to clutter up the list, but I forgot to make a note of your e-mail address when I downloaded the book.


Sue S.

Bud Schwab
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