[bksvol-discuss] Re: Page numbers are disappearing from my books.

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mary, did you download the Daisy edition of the book, because if you did, 
the page numbers are there, just not visible in the file.

To find out which page numbers are actually in the file.  make a .html 
version of the file, and it will show the page numbers.  Also the braille 
edition is supposed to have a dashed line with the page number at the end of 

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Hi Mayrie, I checked my Encyclopedia Brown book and it had page numbers at 
the bottom of the pages. But I did put a blank line between the text and the 
page number, and a blank line after the page number and the page break. I 
wonder why the finished product ended upon Bookshare with no page numbers at 

  You have to have page numbers because it says things like "turn to page 67 
for the solution".


  If I were going to do the book over I would move the page numbers to the 
top because, like Lissi says, especially when you have to skip to another 
page, you want that number at the top in Braille because otherwise you have 
to find the page number and then go up, up, up to find the start of the 

  Why don't I fix the file and resubmit it as a BSO with the page numbers at 
the top? And then you can validate it, if you want, and we can see how it 
works out?

Jamie in Michigan
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