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Goodness! I have to confess, if my book was of a better quality but mine was 
rejected, anyway, I'd be just a little peeved, too. *smile* Take care.
Julie Morales
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I think, especially when Marissa is replaced, that
there is an employee who monitors this list at least,
and possibly the other one, too. I'm surprised that
Jim answered as he did.

  I STILL feel
> that they're not listening, and it's profoundly
> frustrating.

I get the feeling from Jim's posts that they are
working onthe stripper problem. And one can always
write to Gustavo or Jim, until Marissa is replaced,
directly with particular questions or problems. I've
found they've answered me, though on occasion later
rather than sooner, and after a gentle nudge or two.
However I do know of one person who is so upset that
she wasn't paid attention that she is henceforth only
going to scan enough for her annual membership and no
more. She told me that she has friends who are doing
the same thing. It seems that a book she spent a long
time on perfecting was  rejected because an inhouse
volunteer's or staff member's book had been put in
before hers -- and when she pointed out that her book
had a better quality rating nothing was done about it.
She felt, as you state, that she wasn't listened to --
no explanation was given as to why the lesser-quality
book wa kept and her better-quality book, after all
her work, was rejected.

And o

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