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Well, I'd put all unnumbered pages at the back of the book as I'd do with any unnumbered pages with pictures. Otherwise, the numbering would be completely thrown off.

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What do I do with unnumbered pages in the middle of the book. For example, I have page 12 with text, an unnumbered page with an illustration, followed by an unnumbered blank page, then page 13 with text.

My first idea is to label the unnumbered pages as [page unnumbered in the book. Illustration deleted]. However, in the back of my mind, I recall something that Bookshare requires all pages to be numbered (except short children's stories).

My second idea is to ignore the existence of the unnumbered pages and just have page 12 followed by page 13. The "illustration removed" and "blank page" do not really contribute to the book.

The third idea of renumbering the pages to include the unnumbered pages would require renumbering the table of contents as well. In addition, people with different copies of the book would not be able to refer to the same page.

What would you suggest?

Elizabeth Hobbs
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