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As for me, I think that if I had a book with blank pages before the title 
page I would find the first numbered page and count backward to find out if 
those blank pages are counted in the book's pagination. If they are not I 
would delete them. If they are they need to be designated as blank pages and 
numbered. If there are no Roman numbered pages and the first numbered page is 
an Arabic numbered page, but the backward counting takes you to page 1 
before the preliminary material has been reached then I would delete the 
blank pages and start numbering them in Roman with the first page that had 
something on it.

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Hi Mayrie!

Thanks for more helpful suggestions.  I am learning so much from this list.

Since those pages I deleted might have the title in a funky font on one and 

the other might be blank, should I paste them at the beginning of the book 
the way they were?  I am not working off of the downloaded copy, but 
back-ups for each day's work with the date in it's title.

Also, should I put lowercase Roman numerals on each page that doesn't have 
a number in the hard copy as you do?  I do not have a hard copy of the book 

I am proofreading.


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