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Page breaks with tom's CanonWell Kaitlyn,
Would you believe I went all through the settings in the file menu and wasn't 
able to find the setting you are talking about.  So I need more detail.  Am 
going to Reno tomorrow and going to call it quits for tonight., got-up early 
this morning and gee-whiz must do it again.  Just absolutely hate playing the 
,slots  Can't do much of it, suffer, suffer! Some one has to do it.
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  HI tom, 

  Well, going through some settings here I may have hit on your page break 
problem. You are using the Canon RD2080 in duplex mode. Check your recognition 
settings. I bet you have it set to recognize 2 pages per scan. With the duplex 
mode you only have to have it set to 1 page. See if this doesn't clear up the 


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