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Yes.  move to the page in the document which corresponds to print page 1. 
Go to Navigation / Set User page Number.  Enter 1 in the dialogue and 
press enter.  Now you have forced K1K to call page 1 in the book also page 
one  in the documenbt.
All pages prior to this page will be considered 'preliminary pages.
Save the document and close it.  Open the document.  Use navigation / goto 
page to go to page 1.
K1K will navigate to page 1 in the book.
This will make it really easy to check for book integrity.


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[bksvol-discuss] Re: Page breaks

If the first nine pages are labeled I through IX and then page 1 begins, I 

assume I start on page I and tell Kurzweil to recognize this as page 1. Is 

that accurate?  Do I use "user defined page" setting?  Any further input 
greatly appreciated?

At 01:23 PM 4/4/2005, you wrote:

>Kurzweil will add page breaks automatically during recognition.  Just 
>press page down on any document and you will hear page numbers 
>announced.  Same thing pressing downarrow on page boundaries.
>Automatic page numbers are not always synchronized with printed page 
>numbers.  E.G.  a document starts with page 1,  even though the first 18 
>pages or so may be front matter,  and printed page 1 started with page 
>19.  There is a facility to reconcile kurzweil page numbers with printed 
>page numbers.  You will find this under the navigation menu under 'set 
>page number'.
>Guido Dante Corona
>IBM Accessibility Center,  Austin Tx.
>Research Division,
>Phone:  512. 838. 9735.
>Email: guidoc@xxxxxxxxxxx
>Web:  http://www.ibm.com/able
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>[bksvol-discuss] Page breaks
>Hi.  I am another fairly new volunteer who needs a bit of a crash course 
>page breaks.  It's something I had not heard of before getting into 
>I use Kurzweil Version 9.2.  Are page breaks automatically included in a
>Kurzweil scan?  I know page numbers are vitally important, but is it
>preferable to have both page breaks andpage numbers?  In validating, is
>there a symbol that will show whether page breaks are there?  If put in
>manyually, do they go where the page number is or should be?
>If someone could clear this up for me, it would be very helpful.  Thanks.

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