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  • Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:31:30 -0600

Hi Bill,

I think your questions have all been answered already, except for the one asking if there is any proper format for page numbers. Here's a summary on page numbers and format that might be helpful that combines what's been said, with a little additional info.

1. Every page needs a page number. If it doesn't have one--even in the printed book--put it in following the numbering sequence in the book. If there are unnumbered blank pages or unnumbered pages with illustrations that fall between sequentially numbered pages (as in page 1 is text, the next page is an illustration that isn't numbered, and the page after that is numbered page 2), you can delete the unnumbered page if it has no content at all or you can move the unnumbered pages to the back of the book, if they do have content such as image captions.
2. Pages that precede pages with Arabic numbering should be numbered sequentially from the beginning of the book with roman numerals. If the pages in the print book don't have those numbers, put them in anyways. It's part of the "every page needs a page number" standard.
3. The page number must be on a line by itself with nothing else on that line. No text, no punctuation, no graphic or symbols. Just the page number.
4. The line with the page number must be either the first line of text, or the last line of text or the converter won't find it.
5. It doesn't matter if the page number is formatted so that it is flush left, flush right, centered or somewhere in between. The converter will find it and will make it flush left against the book's left hand page margin in the version that Bookshare produces. As an aside, don't worry about page margins either. The converter tool translates those into a standard as well, no matter what you've set them to.
6. The page number should be the the same standard font size as the text, which is 12 point.
7. If the page number is in italics or bold don't worry about fixing it. The converter removes any bold or italic formatting of a page number.

Hope that helps!

Judy s.
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On 11/18/2015 1:28 PM, William Korn (Redacted sender willythekorn for DMARC) wrote:

Some books don't print a page number for every page. For example, one book I read did not print a page number if there was a full-page illustration on the page. Should I add it?

Some books place the page number in a different place on the page depending on circumstances. For instance, I am scanning a book of short stories. The page number on the first page of a story is centered on the bottom line of the page, while the page numbers for all other pages are on the top line (left or right side). Should I move the "oddball" page numbers to match the rest?

Just out of curiosity, is there a "proper format" for page numbers? If so, what is it? I see a reference to it in the help sections, but not what it is.

Bill Korn

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