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Hi, Sue. That's odd. Word should allow you to save in any format you choose 
and open those formats, too. What happens when you try? No, Bookshare 
doesn't accept .txt files converted into .rtf before uploading, 
unfortunately, although I'd love to see that happen, so that's not on your 
end, but I'm definitely curious why you can't save or open things in the 
other formats. Take care.
Julie Morales
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MMy programs/computer won't allow me to read a text file with MS word--it's
either wordpad or nothing, take my choice.  <smile>  Nor woould my programs
(or it may be bookshare) allow me to convert a text file into RTF.  It will
not accept.  <<picky, huh>  smile


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When you open the thing up in word, you'll hear page break noted whenever
you see a break,  If you look at the thing in word, you'll notice a control
l (dot eight with an l) at least that's how the braille lite does it when
you're looking at all control chars.  I'm not sure how Jaws would do it
using a braille display, sorry.

At 02:12 PM 12/14/2004, you wrote:

>Maybe whoever can answer about how those squares are interpreted on a
>synthesizer can tell me how they would look on a Braille display so I will
>know what to look for.  Thanks.
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>Hi Cindy,
>In answer to your question, you should be able to tell if a txt file has
>page breaks by a little symbol that looks like a square. DON'T DELETE
>THE SQUARES. Or you won't have page breaks. I have no idea how they
>sound in screen readers. They should be in the txt files you download
>anyway. If they're not, then we can work with the scanner of the book to
>save the file properly.
>In the file that I tested, Word put page breaks where there should have
>been page breaks, according to the txt file. I first opened the txt file
>in Word, and then saved it as an rtf file without a glitch.
>If people have other experiences or suggestions for how to test this
>Word error, let me know.
>Does that help?
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>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Paring the Download Validation list
>Having finally finished the book I was validating, I
>went to the download list to see what I might want to
>do next (though I'm waiting to see what books from the
>Fair list Marissa will send me). Those romance books
>that people have been complaining about and that I was
>willing to try to fix, if I could obtain the books,
>are all in txt. Until the hard page break question is
>answered, i.e., do we need them or is spacing between
>the page numbers and text o.k. -- but then what about
>the breaks that Word puts in where they don't belong?
>-- I don't want to tackle them. If they are bad, why
>don't we just reject them? People who want to read the
>books can scan them and submit them as rtf, and more
>of us can then validate them. And that would decrease
>the number of books on the list considerably, it seems
>to me, just from quickly eyeing how many there were,
>not just txt in general but those.
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