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Hi Cindy,

As much as I get annoyed with Bill Gates and Microsoft, this isn't one you can blame on him. Steve Jobs and Apple have always done some non-standard things in their treatment of txt files. Fortunately, their treatment of page breaks is not one of their non-standard behaviors. I suspect, if you didn't see them, than they weren't there.


At 08:06 PM 12/14/2004, you wrote:
Ah, Shelley. But I have Hidden Characters available to
view. Admittedly I haven't downloaded andy txt files
lately, so I will, but before I didn't see any boxes,
and I'm pretty sure they weren't there. BUT -- even
though I have Microsoft Word, I do also have a Mac.
Maybe that't the difference.  That Bill Gates does
make life difficult.


--- "Shelley L. Rhodes" <juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Ah, I see.
> O.k. guys, what you need to do is go to Font and
> then uncheck the box that
> says "hidden" characters.  Warning for jaws readers
> this READS every single,
> punctuation and "hidden character" so we might be
> wanting to strangle the
> computer before long.
> It is called a "Hidden character" and you uncheck
> the box and wellah they
> appear.
> Still does not solve the great debate Marisa, do we
> send up files without
> the little devices or not.
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> Hi Cindy,
> You still won't be able to upload a file that's
> originally in txt into
> rtf, if my memory serves me correctly.
> You can edit the txt file in Microsoft Word if you
> open up the txt file
> from the Word application. If you turn on the
> function that allows you
> to see all of the punctuation characters and
> symbols, you should be able
> to see whether or not page breaks have been
> maintained.
> Thanks,
> Marissa
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> files
> Thanks, Marissa. The squares didn't appear in the
> books I did before, I'm pretty sure. I think if they
> repeated I would have noticed and asked.
> I'll try another book now and follow your suggested
> method -- but wait. If I download a txt book and
> convert to Word and then RTF, which is what I did
> with
> my very first txt validation, will I be able to
> upload
> it as rtf? bookshare wouldn't accept it before
> except
> as a txt document, and then all the page breaks and
> italics I'd put in disappeared.
> I'll wait to hear from you before I download from
> the
> validation list.
> Cindy
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