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  • Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 23:02:39 -0400

Dear Sue and Cindy,

It was so nice of you, Sue to return, The Orphan Game, for me. In no way were you a culprit, but an active volunteer. It's more than I deserve having let it lapse and not even calling it by it's right name.

I knew the name, but have been distressed by the aftermath of the hurricane. I'm usually not a CNN Junkie, but having deep roots in Mississippi, I've been obsessing on the news. I've donated a hundred dollars to the Salvation Army. A friend who is a nurse has been given a week of vacation time to go south and volunteer and I, along with her other friends and family are giving her money to use in whatever way helps. Now, I need to give myself a rest from the sad images.

Getting my book back is very therapeutic at this time. I'd accepted that my chances were slim because I guessed the volunteers on this list were only a fraction of the people giving their time for bookshare.

Thank you, too, Cindy for forwarding Sue's message.

I hope my validation will make both of you proud.

Always With Love,


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Hi Cindy,

I sure am getting all the list mail but mky messages
are not getting
through.  Would you please forward this to bksvol so
Lissi will know I am
the guilty culprit who had The Orphan Game, and just
released it back to the
Step One page.

Many thanks,

Sue Stevens

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