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As I recall, they ar added by the scanning program.  They are just in the 
middle of words and the speech says "optional hyphen".  I deleted a lot of 
emails because I thought a way to remove them all at once was in the manual, 
but I can't find it.  I will just remove them one by one although it will 
certainly slow down my progress with the book.


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  Lori, I'm not sure what you mean by optional hyphens. Do you mean the hyphens 
that sometimes appear at the ends of lines? They are not optional, but are 
misplaced. If they are part of a word that is supposed to be hyphenated, they 
can stay at the end d f the line or if possible be put where they're suppose to 
be. If the word should not be hyphenated remove the hyphen and closeup the 
word. If the hyphen is at the end of the page, put the whole word on either 
that page or the next page. (not sure if I'm being clear;maybe someone else can 
explain better.

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    From: Lori Castner <loralee.castner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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    Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Optional Hyphens

    Hi, Everyone,

    I am proofreading a book that is loaded with optional hyphens.  I believe 
that we are not required to remove them, but I would like to do so, but can't 
find instructions for doing so in the manual.
    Can anyone tell me the process for removing these hyphens?

    I'm going to be getting a new computer in several weeks but found this 
fairly short book I can complete proofreading before then, so hope I can remove 
these hyphens.

    Lori C.

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