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Using ^- in find in MS Word removes only optional hyphens. One of the things I do after scanning is remove all optional hyphens.

Real hyphens are a separate character from optional hyphens. Optional hyphens are a character used by MS Word that doesn't display if the word they are part of is in the middle of a line, but if the word is near the margin, and the program can fill up closer to the margin by splitting the word than by moving the whole word to the next line, then it will split the word and display a hyphen at the end of the first part of the word.

So, optional hyphens are like the soft page breaks, they are a function of how the program works and what the margins and page size are. But, for those using screen readers with "read all punctuation" turned on, all those pesky optional hyphens will be read. The screen reader is just going through the text reading everything it finds. It doesn't know about margins and whether the optional hyphen will be displayed or not, it is there so the reader says "optional hyphen."

And finally, they are usually put in by the OCR program when it finds a real hyphen at the margin of a line of text so the hyphen won't be displayed if you change the page size and that part of the word is no longer at the margin. It's quite a nice feature for making OCRed text look better, but ... if you are not "looking" at the text, maybe not so nice a feature.


On 4/12/2012 5:27 PM, Sue Stevens wrote:
I repeat, Mayrie. Wouldn’t that fix remove all hyphens, such as in Cindy’s example of mother-in-law?
Sue S.
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Hi Lori,
Thanks for giving me another thing to add to the manual!
To remove optional hyphens, I think that you do this:
Open find and replace dialogue by pressing control+h
In the find box type ^-
In the replace box type nothing
Tab to "okay" and press enter.
I think that's what Jamie taught me to do.
Hope I've remembered correctly.
Happy proofreading, and I hope you enjoy your new computer!
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Hi, Everyone,
I am proofreading a book that is loaded with optional hyphens. I believe that we are not required to remove them, but I would like to do so, but can't find instructions for doing so in the manual.
Can anyone tell me the process for removing these hyphens?
I'm going to be getting a new computer in several weeks but found this fairly short book I can complete proofreading before then, so hope I can remove these hyphens.
Lori C.

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