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  • Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 09:36:45 -0500

Hi Phyllis,

What I was wondering is, does IBM ViaVoice show up when you check available synthesizers in Jaws?
As a stop gap measure, you could always use Jaws for speech in Openbook.
To get Jaws working in Openbook:
Hit your Jaws key6 to bring up the configuration manager;
go to your file menu, select open, under file name enter Openbook.jcf;
pull up your settings menu and select advanced;
uncheck the box for sleep mode enabled;
click Ok;
do a Ctrl-S to save it;
exit out of the configuration manager.
Now click start, programs, Openbook, Tools, and click on Installation Maintenance;
whack enter on modify;
choose Synthesizer Driver Installation and click next;
when the list of synthesizers appears, just click next;
as the default synthesizer choose No Speech, and click next;
click whichever language drivers you want ViaVoice to install, click next, and then finish.
Now run Openbook, and hopefully you'll have Jaws speech.
You may want to set the keyboard to Jaws style, and if so:
go to the settings menu;
go down to Keyboard Settings;
the first choice should deal with style, and choose Jaws;
after you've clicked Ok, go to save settings and save it as the default.



At 04:51 AM 2/22/2005, you wrote:
I tried what you said. I still don't have speech in open book!  Says it
can't load the speech driver and that I should make sure the correct
speech synthe is in my settings menu.

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