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Freedom Scientific has some articles in their knowledgebase about problems
with OpenBook loading Via Voice which you may want to read.  I didn't
mention them before because you didn't mention having another piece of
software on your computer which is running Via Voice.  From what I remember
reading, they said that not every piece of software runs the same version of
Via Voice.  That includes their own software like TestTalker and WYNN.  The
multiple versions confuses Windows.  If you  do have this problem, then you
will need to decide on a single version then tell Windows which version to
use.  There were instructions on how to do that in the articles, but if
you've been reading Dave's messages on natural voices, then you know that
you may not be able to count on the instructions.

Article name: When you start OpenBook, a dialog box asks you to select a
speech engine.

There are similar articles for TestTalker and WYNN which also show up when
you search for OpenBook in the knowledgebase.

Don't know if this is relevant, but I thought I'd mention it in case it is.


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I tried what you said. I still don't have speech in open book!  Says it
can't load the speech driver and that I should make sure the correct
speech synthe is in my settings menu.
I can't get any straight answers from FS, cause I don't think they even
know why it doesn't work!  I have modified, repaired, and reinstalled.
Nothing works.  OB without speech is useless to me.  I can't aford to
buy K1000!  I don't have a job right now! I even lost office so don't
have a way to validate books just now.  This is all a result of my fire
on February 22 of last year!  Nothing's working right, no job is
happening since I gave up my stand due to fallen sales, and this thing
with OB is the last straw.


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