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Sounds like you want Scanning Contrast which is the second setting under
Scanning Settings.  Scannings Settings can be  found under the Settings
menu.  Scanning Contrast is between Scanning Mode and Page Orientation.  Not
all scanners allow this to be changed by OpenBook, though.  So it may not be
active for your scanner.  Freedom Scientific has a list of supported
scanners for OpenBook that will tell you if your scanner supports this
feature, assuming your scanner is one they've tested.

Most of the settings in the Scanning Settings dialog box will affect how
FineReader is configured by OpenBook, assuming FineReader has been selected
with the Recognize Text Using setting in this dialog box.  You can also
configure for Accuracy verses Speed using the Scan menu.

OpenBook needs to be told that a given speech synthesizer is on your system
during the installation process before it will show up in the list of
available synthesizers.  Since Natural Voices is not in the list then you
probably need to add it using Installation Maintenance in OpenBook's tools
submenu under your Start menu.

I've never used K1000 so I can't help you with your lock up problem.

Hope this helps.


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Well now I'm trying a demo of Open Book. I can't find an option in it
to adjust scanner brightness, is it possible to do this and to
configure finereader at all? Also, I want to try out the AT and T
natural voices, but they don't seem to show up in the speech
synthesizer selections even though they are installed on my system. I
couldn't try them with k1000 either because attempting to change the
speech engine would lock up my machine? Any way of getting around


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