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Thanks, Evan.  I'll try again (but I'll save my full synopsis somewhere before
I click "Next"!).
Bill Korn

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You can go to your My Scans in Process page and see if the book is listed
there.Go to My Bookshare, then to Volunteer Home, then click on My Scans in
Process.If it isn’t there, then you’ll need to submit it again.It has taken
longer than usual lately for the Confirmation screen to show up after
completing the submission process.However, if you clicked the Next button and
it went back to the same page, the only thing I know of that would cause that
is that there was something missing from the form you filled out.The second
page of the Submission form, after uploading the book and getting the quality
analysis and filling in the ISBN, if there is one, will be the one  which must
have the title, author, copyright holder, copyright date, publisher, short
synopsis, and long synopsis. If any of those are missing, clicking the Next
button will send you back to fill it in.The page after that is the Category
page, where you check the appropriate categories for that book, (or see which
ones are already checked if the book has an ISBN and Bookshare came up with the
metadata for that book).Then finally is the Comments page where you can enter
your email address, and any other info about the book that a proofreader might
need to know.Only after all those are done and you click the Submit link will
the confirmation page come up.Evan  

From: William Korn (Redacted sender "willythekorn" for DMARC) Sent: Thursday,
November 12, 2015 12:42 PMTo: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject:
[bksvol-discuss] One More Technical Question I think I just submitted my first
book, The Death Ship by B. Traven.  I had completed the synopsis and clicked (I
thought) the "Next" button, only to find myself back at the start of the
submission process.  The process never got to the point where it would ask me
for a contact e-mail (which the guidelines said would be asked for), nor did I
see a "confirmation screen". Is there a way to confirm that the submission
actually occurred?  Also, will I be informed when the book is available for
download?  (My wife is interested in reading it.) Bill Korn

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