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Hi Gerald. Thanks and sorry for omitting info, I didn't know or think about it. The two books I saw were, on the No Books Left Behind list was I'm a Believer, but just called Believer on the list, by Micky Dolenz, and the book on the upcoming books list is And Ladies of the Club, but just titled Ladies on the list, by Helen Hooven Santmyer. Hope this helps.
Ps. My dog's name is Radar, and he is a yellow lab male from Southeastern Guide Dogs, we have been together for two and a half years and he is a wonderful boy. He was a special needs trained dog, trained to work with some one in a wheelchair but the matches they had for him didn't work out and I ended up with him because I needed a dog with a very light pull and a large dog, because my left arm is not very strong due to the fact I had major surgery five years ago.

Me and my guide dog;
He does a good job,
He keeps me safe
So life is just great
For me and my guide dog.
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It's also possible that that isn't your submission on the list even though
it's the book you submitted. It sounds like that might have been the first
time you looked at that particular list. If it was, and you haven't gotten
a rejection notice yet, then it probably was someone else's submission just
like when you said in your other message that you saw one of your books on
the upcoming books list. The upcoming books list has the scanner's name in
it, and your name is not by any of the books, so it sounds as if you
submitted a book that someone else had intended to scan.

It would be helpful if you mentioned the name of your book when you send out
a message like these two messages, so that people can help you determine
what has happened. You may still want to let the list know what books
you're talking about since it sounds like you scanned a book that someone
else added to the upcoming books list. Also, someone might be able to tell
you that they validated your book and if it was accepted or rejected.

BTW, what's the name of your guidedog and what breed is he/she?  I don't
think I've ever seen it mentioned.


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Hi Patti,
Have you received a notice regarding this book in the mail? The no book left
behind initiative is a list of books that had to be rejected. If you get a
notice about this book you will be able to find out why the book was
rejected. It's often possible to fix whatever the problem was and resubmit
the book later.

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