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Send me the sf.
Unless someone else wants all of them.

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  Dear Volunteers,

  I've just checked and as far as I can tell, none of the following books are 
  in the collection.

  If you are interested in scanning them, please contact me off list.

  If you aren't sure of who will validate them, I'll enclose exact return 
  postage and a pre addressed mailing label so you can mail the book back to 
  me for validation. Then, if you want the print book back to keep, I'll 
  gladly mail it back to you after it's been approved.

  1. Deadly Climate by Richard Barth, mystery, large print hard back 308 
  pages, should be easy to scan. Barth writes kind of easy reading, light, 
  mysteries. This one Margaret and 3 of her senior citizen friends take a van 
  she's won to Florida to sell because she can't afford the sales tax. They 
  discover many seniors live in dreary conditions. They attempt to start a 
  luxury excursion business but encounter deadly doings at a nursing home.

  2. 2. Friends for Life by Carol Smith, I think this is a mystery or suspense 
  novel set in England. It's hard cover, large print and 708 pages long. In 
  the little intro blurb a woman making preserves is struck twice by a brick 
  and then her caldron of boiling fruit is poured over her.

  3. Verdict Unsafe by Jill McGown - hard cover large print british mystery- 
  465 pages - Detective Inspector Judy Hill watches a wealthy man on trial for 
  4 rapes ...

  4.The Flight of the Falcon by Daphne Du Maurier  - hardbound large print, 
  553 pages,  novel A tour guide taking an anglo American group from Genoa to 
  Rome notices a vagrant asleep in a church doorway and the suspense begins. 
  There is a different book with this title in the collection by a different 

  5. Eight Keys to Eden by Mark Clifton, hardback regular print, 187 pages, 
  science fiction - a colony of scientists isn't answering anxious attempts to 
  contact them. copyright This may not be a good choice because I can't find a 
  copyright. The book is a Doubleday Science fiction publication.

  I'll save the information about any of these books which don't find scanners 
  and put them on the list again in 6 months, when we might have new 
  volunteers who might be interested.

  Always With Love,


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