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    Hi Dilsia A., make it a great  day!     
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Sven was looking for a job and heard that their was an  opening for a janitor 
at the local Lutheran church. He applied for the job  and the interview went 
very well. "You have the job," he was told, "just  sign this paper." Sven made 
a big "X" on the paper. "What's that?" he was  asked.  
"That's my mark."  
"You're supposed to sign your name."  
"That's my mark," Sven replied, "I cannot read or write."   
"What? We're sorry to work here you have to be able to sign  your name."  
Well, Sven finally got himself a job as a mate on a tugboat,  and eventually 
he became captain of his own tugboat. He did well for  himself and eventually 
had a fleet of ships of his own and became one of  the wealthiest men in the 
community. One day the mayor decided to honor  him for setting such a good 
example for other immigrants, and what they  can accomplish with hard work and 
ingenuity. The mayor says, "Sven, we  want to give you the key to the city! 
sign this form." Sven made a  big "X" on the paper. "What's that?" he was 
"That's my mark."  
"Your mark?" The mayor asked.  
"Aih, I cannot read or write, so that's my mark."  
"You accomplished all of this not being able to read or  write?" The mayor 
exclaimed. "Just think what you could have done if you  could read and write!"  
"Yes," Sven said. "I could have been a church janitor."  

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