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Louise sent me this article, and, Lora, I immediately
thought of you and your desire to learn to shoot. Go,
girl!! You may not want to kill anything (I wouldn't)
but target shooting would be fun. Maybe you could even
skeet shooting. I imagine if you knew enough physics
to know how far a clay pigeon or whatever they release
could fly, and in what direction, and height, from the
sound of the release you'd be able to hit the pigeon,
once you learned to shoot. SOUnds like fun.


> The Houghton Lake Resorter, Michigan USA
> Thursday, November 30, 2006
> Blind hunter bags two trophies
> - with a little help from his friends
> Caption: Roscommon High School student Nick Bennett,
> 16, earned his hunter
> safety certificate this fall and didn't waste
> anytime bagging two trophies.
> In September Nick shot a 371-lb. feral hog at the
> Vaunderosa Ranch, St.
> Helen. In October, Nick used the same 30-30
> Winchester to bag an 8-point
> buck at Anscheutz Whitetail Way in Spruce. Such
> success at that age is one
> thing, but the special aspect of Nick's success is
> that he is legally blind.
> Through special regulations in the Michigan game
> laws, visually impaired
> people can obtain a hunting license and a hunter
> safety certificate.
> Nick's hunting career began when he started
> attending Roscommon Baptist
> Church and started to hang out with Dan Holbrook of
> Roscommon and Mike
> Ritchie of Higgins Lake.
> "Dan was teaching me about reloading ammunition and
> I was teaching him about
> hunting," Ritchie said. "And Nick pipes up and says
> he wants to go shooting
> with us. Just what the world needs - a blind
> teenager with a gun. We
> laughed!"
> Nick began with a pellet gun and shot so well that
> he advanced all the way
> up to a 50 cal. muzzleloader.
> "We would line up the shot with a shooting bench and
> with a laser site on
> the rifle, then we would have Nick take off the
> safety and squeeze the
> trigger" explains Holbrook.
> After hitting the target time after time, Nick asked
> "When can I go hunting
> with you guys?"
> After that Nick was enrolled in a hunter safety
> class with lead instructor
> Richard Keissel of Eldorado. Kissel has been a
> hunter safety instructor for
> 32 years and has instructed thousands of students
> young and old, but has
> never had a challenge quite like Nick.
> A volunteer mentor was assigned to Nick to help him
> through all the hands-on
> activities and finally to take his test, they didn't
> have a copy of the test
> in Braille. Nick's aide at school typed up all the
> notes in Braille and
> lecture tapes were acquired from the DNR.
> Nick's mentor was Mark Copeland who is the manager
> at Jay's Sporting Goods
> of Gaylord. Mark attended all four sessions with
> Nick and administered the
> test orally with Nick missing only two questions out
> of 50.
> With the hunter safety certificate in hand, Nick
> held Dan and Mike to their
> promise.
> "We told Nick if he would pass hunter safety we
> would buy him a hunt at
> Vaunderosa Ranch" Ritchie said. "Our church puts on
> a wildgame dinner in
> March and we always shoot a boar for the dinner."
> With the help of Mark Copeland, Nick shot a monster
> feral hog that tipped
> the scales at 371 lbs.
> Richard Keissel was so impressed with Nick and his
> accomplishment, he
> contacted Diane and Floyd Moore, officers in the
> Safari Club International
> of NE Michigan, and they arranged to take Nick bear
> hunting in the Upper
> Peninsula, all expenses paid. With clothes donated
> by Jay's Sporting Goods
> and determination, Nick hunted hard for four days
> but had no luck shooting a
> bear. Diane and Floyd shared the experience with a
> fellow SCI member, Alpena
> businessman Bruce Anscheutz, and their
> disappointment at not getting a bear
> for Nick. Anscheutz offered to let Nick hunt at his
> private ranch where Nick
> shot an 8-point buck that weighed 150 pounds dressed
> out.
> Nick expressed his appreciation to the Moores,
> Anscheutz, Keissel, Charles
> Vaughn of the Vaunderosa Ranch, the Safari Club NE
> Michigan chapter,
> Copeland, the Michigan DNR, Ritchie and Holbrook for
> helping him achieve
> success.
> "In 32 years of teaching hunter safety, I never have
> had a student touch my
> heart like Nick," Keissel said. "He is truly a
> special young man."
> Nick said his dream hunt would be "to go to Africa
> and hunt big game. Then
> give the meat to the orphan children and tell them
> about God's Love."
> Nick Bennett is a special hunter indeed.
> (Dr. Ritchie is a Higgins Lake resident and
> contributed this article to the
> Resorter.)
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