[bksvol-discuss] O/T. writing a book.

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  • Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 10:46:23 -0600

Hi.  You know how we all have been discussing our disabilities, and I believe it
was Cindy who suggested compiling a book.  Well I think it is a fantastic idea,
so I asked a colleague/friend of mine about writing the Preface, and I received
this response.

In many cases, before the preface is written, the book needs to be written.

You need to find someone who can take everyone's comments and organize them into
an outline, then into the pages of a book.
Once the outline is written, you all will probably have an idea of how long the
book will be, and what will actually be covered within the books contents.

I would suggest designating a person within the Bookshare Readership who would
actually do the organization of the text,
with the understanding that this book would be a publication by the collective
readers of Bookshare, perhaps with any profit from the book going directly to
Bookshare or some other organization.
At the very least, the book could educate people about resources such as
Bookshare, and therefore the credit for the book would
not be directed at one individual.  You could establish regular meetings, as the
book was being compiled, to make sure that everyone had equal input into the
creation of the book.

Any ideas?
Hope this helps.

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