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Yummy!  You know, somebody needs to send over some fudge or chocolate 
pies... or both! <LOL>  Will the pies be decorated, or is it possible for 
one to decorate a pie?! <LOL>  Guess a person could do fun things with the 
crust or something if they wanted.  Oh, well, the whole thing just sounds so 
GOOD... and so delightfully unique! <Smile>  I pray that you will be blessed 
with a beautiful day for the wedding!


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  Yes!  The sugary pumpkin pie has 2 layers - 1 layer of pumpkin and 1 layer 
of a sour cream and cream cheese mixture. YUMMY!!!

  I'll use Splenda for the other one (which will be plain pumpkin, no cream 
cheese).  I already called the diabetic person and made sure that Splenda 
was okay to use.

  You don't have to wait for Thanksgiving to have pumpkin pie.  It's good 

  And I forgot to mention, 2 other people are bringing a strawberry pie. 
I'm tempted to bypass the regular food and go straight for the pies!  No 
willpower here at all :-)



    Pumpkin pie is my favorite, especially if it has cream cheese in it. 
How are you making one without sugar?  What kind of substitute are you 
using?  Oh, this is making me hungry for thanksgiving.

    Kasondra Payne

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