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Sorry, No tax breaks unless purchased for direct business purposes.  It's
not important enough.  Not only that, since people with disabilities are all
employed, they can all afford the technology.  After all,  why should rich
people have any tax breaks!


Pratik Patel
Interim Director
Office of Special Services
Queens College
CUNY Assistive Technology Services
The City University of New York
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Thank you for your thanks, Robert -- but the
technological discussions are no problem. As long as
people put the correct subject heading in, we can
delete those posts without reading them. However,
because sometimes people don't indicate when they
change the subject, I tend to read them anyway and
find them interesting. I'm amazed at the technology
available today, sad and horrified at the cost, (are
these aids tax-deductible at least?), and learn things
that I find interesting, like about the different
voices, that people can listen to books as they scan
on Kurzweill, and that wonderful cane or wand that
Shelley was telling us about a while back -- and the
device that can tell people what color clothes are. I
could use one of these to tell me whether what I put
on was black or navy blue. (smile)


--- robert tweedy <rtweedy2@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> I will add here is a thank you to all the sighted
> help and mainly when we 
> get into talking our software for reading and
> braille displays you all don't 
> pull out your hair. I have had people who hear jaws
> for a few times go crazy 
> so the subjects about open book, fine reader, and
> kurzweil can be boring and 
> thank you for putting up with us and thanks for
> having an interest in 
> reading too.
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> >
> > Laurel,
> >
> > What a pretty name you have!  You say you are
> mostly interested in
> > validation posts and I, another Stevens, validate
> as well.  Just wanted to
> > say "hi".  I bet sometimes when we go on a rampage
> about something you get
> > pretty disgusted.  <lol>
> >
> > Sue Stevens
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > 

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