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Yes, I really am sighted.  Someone once mentioned that there are about 200 
volunteers, half being sighted, and half not.  And I believe that all but one 
of the 10-12 people who volunteer at the Bookshare office are sighted. 
(Marissa, please correct me if I have those numbers wrong.)

Allison <alwaysallie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey guys,

I've actually learned two new things from this thread.

1. How the man's pole was held while walking between the towers. Didn't 
know that. I had a guess, but it turned out to be wrong.

2. Carrie Karnos is sighted? Really? Who knew!


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> Hi,
> Thanks to all of you who answered my message about the pole. I actually
> have a clear picture in my mind of how it would be used. All I can say 
> is,
> if you climbed that high you would have to want to more than anything else
> in the world!! It sure does seem scary to think about. Nice to
> know about however.
> Sue S.

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