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After my wine spill, my wife issued me what we used to call a "tippy tom". It is a cup with two handles, a large base and a lid with a small slit opening. They are used for children in the highchair age.

Jim B
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I guard allk of my equipment by not having any liquids around any of it.. Equipment is so expensive!

Sue S.

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I know I like cranberry juice, but I really don't drink it as much as my
disasters with it would imply. I haven't killed a scanner, which is really
good since mine couldn't be replaced and I am very attached to it, but I
did cause a NLS tape player to stop working by pouring cranberry juice over
it. Those things are tough and a glass of water didn't phase it, but I
suspect cranberry juice is even worse than wine because it is so sticky. I
thought I was going to die of embarrassment when I told the librarian about
the accident.

One of my cousins dumped another glass of cranberry juice I was drinking
over my first printer. It was a stupid old printer, so I wasn't so upset
about that, but the mess was very unpleasant to clean up.

I also dumped a can of mountain dew next to my laptop when the modem's
phone cord got tangled around it. Fortunately I grabbed the laptop so fast
that liquid didn't reach it yet. Another good excuse for wireless networks?

I still drink stuff around my scanner and computer, but it is hard to spill
in them. The one thing I am extremely careful around is my braille note.
I practically guard that thing with my life. LOL

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
Assistive Technology Instructor

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Hi Jim,

Those books sound great! I can't wait to download them.

I spilled a beer once and it went under a printer, but it still works. lol.

No spilling wine on this new scanner! <grin> lol.

The wine is to drink not spill! <grin>

But, there's one thing you must do. The next time you have a glass of wine,
you must shared with all of us. <grin> lol.

Pat Ferguson

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Hi all

Last week I spilled a glass of red wine on my epson 3170 scanner. I
cleaned it up, set it in the sun for two hours and it came back to life
until today. Probably died of cirrhosis of the circuits. My new scanner
will arrive Monday, so to break it in my wife gave me 3 romance books to
scan. I will scan them if someone is interested in validating them.

From Harlequin American Romance

From the back cover.

Book 1 The Sheriff

Sheriff...Or Outlaw? Or Both?

Down on her luck, Mary Beth Parker is back in her hometown of Naconiche,
East Texas, to claim her inheritance-a run­down restaurant and motel. The
whole town pitches in to help her with this fixer upper, including J. J.
Outlaw, the sheriff. But Mary Beth doesn't want his kind of help.

Book 2 The Cop

A Law-Abiding Outlaw!

Carrie Campbell has secret business in Naconiche, Texas. But while she's
quietly looking into land for oil exploration, she's also falling for
Judge Frank James Outlaw. Hard. Yes, he's got two little rug rats and yes,
he lives in this crazy backwater town. But Carrie is discovering she would
do just about anything to hang on to this Outlaw, no matter what his

Book 3 The Cop

City Boy Moves Home For Now

As Dr. Kelly Martin discovers, Cole Younger Outlaw is one ornery patient.
The hard-bitten Houston cop doesn't seem happy about recovering from his
gunshot wounds in Naconiche-home of his protective family, the Double Dip
ice cream parlor and a police department whose biggest concern is filling
people in on the latest gossip. Kelly loves this small town, but the place
seems to get on Cole's nerves.

Jim B

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