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Hi Cindy,

That is really great that he wrote back to you, and gave you the description of 
the photo.

I am really excited to see this book in the collection, it was a bear to scan 
and I can imagine a bear to proof, smile.

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        Let me  discuss things in reverse order. smile

        The new features of bookshare have me thoroughly confused. I suppose 
the proper place for what I'm about to share with you belongs on the new blog, 
but I don't know how to sign up  for it or post to it; besides, I don't think I 
want to sign up for it; already I spend too much time reading and occasionally 
answering list posts. I suppose, however, that if people posted on the blog, 
there would be fewer OT posts on the email lists, and so less to read--unless 
one subscribed to the blog--grin.

        I have to share this with all of you. Some people are *so* nice and go 
the extra mile.

        I am proofreading Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of 

        The text is interesting, and  a pleasure to read. However, there are a 
lot of photographs, both snapshots of  the heroes when they were younger and in 
the service, and full-page photographs of the Medal-of-Honor winners taken for 
the book. The photographer of the latter is Nick Del Calzo;(he has a web page 
and it lists places where his photographs can be seen and also books for which 
he has supplied photographs.

        I have been doing my best to describe for you readers the photographs. 
In some cases I recognize or can guess at the location in which the subject was 
photographed. However, yesterday I was stumped. The statue has too many figures 
on it for me to attempt to describe it, and I could not find it by googling, so 
I took a chance and wrote to Mr. Del Calzo, identifying myself as a volunteer 
for bookshare.org and  asking him if he would please be kind enough to identify 
the monument  for me.
        When  I opened my email l today, there was his reply. He had taken the 
trouble to write to the subject himself,Lieutenant Harold Fritz, to ask him, 
and Lt. Fritz. replied to him, and the answer was forwarded to me. Mr. DelCalZo 
also said that he appreciated the work we volunteers do (I had explained that 
volunteers scan and proofread print  books  to add to the bookshare collection  
so that blind and others with disabilities who can't read books the way sighted 
people can can have access to them)

        Now, if you download and read Medal of Honor (when I finally finish 
proofing it),
        you'll see that the man on p. 100 is standing in front ofthe  100-year 
old-soldiers and sailors monument located in the Peoria County Courthouse 
square,Peoria, Illinois.  It represents/honors those Peoria area men and women 
who served in the civil war. 

        I suspected that the statue was somewhere in Illinois, since that's 
where Lt. Fritz is living, but I gave up searching for war memorials in 
Illinois. If you live in Peoria, you can visit it. Otherwise, perhaps you can 
find a photo online and can find someone who is sighted to describe it to 
you.Describing something orally is a alot easier than writing the description; 
I do not do that well, partly because I do not have the patience to read over 
and correct the grammatical structure of what I have writen.

        If anyone is willing to read my descriptions and edit/rewrite them, 
when the book is in the collection, I'll send the pages and will ask Carrie to 
give you the $2.50 credit for proofreading. Since they are not copyrighted, 
there should be no problem.


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