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If you don't mind Cindy, I would too just because of people who aren't used to speech on a computer literly freak out when they walk in here. Talking about crazy, everytime someone signs into msn, they ask what the blank was that? I know it sounds strange but i guess that is the way it is. I know this is off the subject of books and so on, so back to books. By the way, speaking of books I like the language format in the new books list and was wondering if this also applies to books which are already on bookshare.
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Cindy, I've always been curious too. May I have the answer off list too, please?
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Someone else just asked me that question offlist. I'll send you the answer offlist, as I'm not sure
everyone would be interested.

BTW, both your comment ("whiny people") and Pratik,
your answer made me laugh. Pratik, So does your
nickname,  Prat. I hope it's pronounced Prate. though
that is not the way one would pronounce it as you've
spelled it -- and then I keep wanting to add "fall."


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