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  • From: Carrie Karnos <ckarnos@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 21:32:30 -0800 (PST)

2 years ago, when I had been laid off from work, I was thinking about 
volunteering somewhere when I saw a Bookshare blurb on Craigslist under the 
volunteer section.  The blurb talked about editing books, something that fitted 
my personality (it's difficult for me to read anything without scanning it for 
errors).  I don't know anyone who's blind but I've learned a lot about 
blindness from reading all the emails from this group.  One of my first 
questions as a newbie was: why don't blind people listen to books on tape?  
Wow, did I get bombarded with replies that basically said, "I don't want to 
listen to someone else's interpretation of the book, I want to read it MYSELF!" 
 Okay! Okay!  I get the point!  Whew!
The other aspect of volunteering at Bookshare that I like is the enormous 
dedication of the staff, members, and volunteers, and also the appreciation 
that the staff and members show for all the volunteers' efforts.  Jesse, 
Andrea, Marissa, Gustavo - not one of them has EVER EVER taken my volunteering 
for granted, or complained that I didn't get enough done, or left the office 
early, or whatever.  It may seem like 'well, of course, that's obvious', but 
there are non-profits who have ... less appreciation, shall we say? ... than 
Plus the office is a bit over a mile from where I live, so I usually walk there 
once or twice a week (when it's not raining, like it has been for the past 4-5 
days).  Good exercise for me.
My 2 cents, Carrie

Allison <alwaysallie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm just wondering, for the sighted volunteers, how did you guys get mixed 
up in
this crazy Bookshare crowd? What lead you to wanna become part? Do you
know someone blind, did you hear about it through some volunteer
organization, did you just type in "whiny bookish blind people into Google
one day?"

Seriously though, I am curious. I'm wondering how this info
enters the sighted book-reading sphere and what compels someone to put in
the work. Also, how has it worked for you as an education tool about
blindness? How would one convince other sighted folks that they should
volunteer too?Most of my sighted friends and family would be like,
"Bookshare what?" "You want me to do what?"


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