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My sister just got another bad puppy to go along with the golden who ate
the money thinking that they would entertain each other.  It isn't
Now she is trying to talk me into a six-month-old  black lab and I am
not biting.  

Rose Combs

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My kitten might take revenge, and she knows how.  I had a friend over
and we were using the treadmill.  He had taken his wallet out and placed
it on a nearby table.  The kitten had carefully investigated, sorted the
1 and 5 dollar bills and was starting to take the fives before she was
caught in the act.  Really happened.

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And less expensive, you, if you train them not to eat
money (smile).


You and I both know that
> if you can train them 
> young life is better for both of you when they grow
> from puppies to 
> full-sized dogs.
> E.

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