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In my Word there a place in the Format file to set
tabs. Unfortunately, I've not been too lucky in
keeping it set the way I want it. I have to keep
setting it each time I reopen the file--but I haven't
used it since I discovered the indent paragraph
setting in Paragraph in the Format file or menu or
whatever it's called. And since bookshare doesn't
retain tabs, I've been setting the left margin under
paragraph if I want something like a quotation or poem
indented more than the rest of the document. Whether
or not that'[s retained by bookshare I don't know, but
since you're paper is not for bookshare that should
work for you.

Unless I've totally confused you and you have no idea
what I'm talking about--grin


--- Donna Smith <donnafsmith@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Amber.  My best guess is that MS Word is doing
> that incredibly
> aggravating thing of autoformatting based on the
> pattern you have
> established.  So if you did some paragraphs which
> you started with a tab,
> then it will just start automatically tabbing when
> you press enter twice to
> start a new paragraph.  You can probably turn this
> off, but I don't know
> how.  However, if you press tab and hear that you're
> one inch from the edge,
> then just backspace once and remove what is
> essentially the second tab-the
> first one was automatically put in for you and the
> second one you put in
> yourself.  
> HTH.
> Donna
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> I am working on a paper for grad school.  for some
> reason, in this
> particular paper, in certain paragraphs, when I hit
> the tab key to start the
> paragraph, it indents an inch, instead of the .5
> inches it normally does.  I
> am using word XP.  I also have it on normal view.
> Any thoughts on how to get all of my paragraphs to
> indent one uniform .5
> inches?
> Amber
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