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I am putting together a list for reading groups.
Please feel free to add to the list....if you know of others....
I added the ones mentioned here on bookshare so far and did a yahoo search to add details.

1 Christian reading for the blind
This is a group to discuss, Christian reading material that is available for blind people. And also discussions on Christian Authors.

2 ReadingClub4TheBlind

This List is a list where Blind And Visually Impaired People Can come to discuss what books they are currently reading. for example Would you like to discuss
what happens in the next harry potter book. Or do you have a favorite mystery novel. Well then You've come to the right place. All Books Will be open for
discussion. this list is to promote reading in the blind and visually impaired comunity. I hope You will give it a try and come and Join our group.

3 On the Porch swing ontheporchswing-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Come join us on the porch swing! If you love to read a variety of books, like to chat about what you are reading and want to be a part of a friendly, active
book group, then you've found the right place! This is an especially great group for those of you looking for mostly book talk as WE DON'T ALLOW MUCH OFF-TOPIC
CHATTER. It's just books, books, books!

Please check our web site for the current reading schedule. (As of October 2006, we will be taking a break from our organized monthly discussions.) It's
at http://porchswing.freeservers.com/index.html

4 Book Crazy BookCrazy-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello, bookworms!
Do you love reading books? Do you find the idea of curling up with a good read more appealing than watching the boob tube? If you're a book crazy read-a-holic,
this group is for you. Members can feel comfortable enough to talk about any book, genre or author. Classics, modern pop fiction, books of poetry, non-fiction,
biography, cult classics, classic junk that you just love anyway.
Anything: there are no limits to discussions in here.
After all, a great lover of books is usually articulate, intelligent and informed. No book snobs! This list is for book lovers of *all* kinds, so a pecking
order won't be tolerated.

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