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Hi, Paula. You don't add an extra drive. The drive is added automatically when 
the flash card reader is detected, and if your computer is booted up with the 
flash reader not connected, the E drive magically disappears. *smile* It's just 
one of those things. You have your A drive for floppies, C drive for the 
computer, D drive for CD's, maybe an E drive already if you have a separate 
drive for DVD's. Otherwise, the flash card reader will create the drive that's 
next in the sequence and it does act as a drive, just as any other drive would. 
Now I'm getting the feeling that I'm not making sense, so I'll stop now. 
*smile* Take care.
Julie Morales
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  Hi, Sue,

      Your explanation to Lisa is helpful for me, as well. My husband just 
bought a flash card reader, and I was curious about using it to add files to 
the CF cards I use in my Braille Lite. I'm confused, though, about the E drive. 
Why do you need an extra drive, to transfer files from your computer to your CF 


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    I can tell you what I have..  I got a flashcard reader at Staples, with 
drivers on a CD to install..  If you use a braille display you will have to 
make a Drive E.  You put the flash card in the flash card reader first and 
transfer books from the computer onto it.  Then you put the flash card in the 
slot for it in back of the Braille Lite...  Someone  else can probably explain 
it better than I, but that is the idea.  My Drive E is hooked up to a USB port. 
 Good luck, it's real easy once you get set up.

    Sue S.

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    This is for all you braille lite Millennium users. I just got one the other 
day and am trying to figure out how to use the flash memory card port. I wanted 
to store all of my books onto a flash card to make it a bit easier. Is there a 
specific program that I need to use? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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