[bksvol-discuss] OT?: Wyeth's painting of Christina Olson, Christina's World

  • From: Grandma Cindy <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 00:08:29 -0700 (PDT)

How thoughtless of me. I forget sometimes. smile

The whole painting is shades of brown and tan. That's
partly what makes it sad, I guess. At the very top of
a hill, silhouetted against a gray sky, is a house
with a couple of trees, and there is another house a
little distance away--800 feet, according to the essay
at the site. This is the background of the picture so
the houses look small, as if some distance away. 

The bottom of the hill is a darker tan or light brown,
the color or dry or dead grass. Around the house near
the top of the hill is a lighter tan, as if the ground
around has been cleared.

Way down the hill, on the darker brown, is a girl
wearing light-colored dress, almost white but more a
very pale tan. The bottom of the dress, from which her
legs are stretched, is the same brown of the dead
grass. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair. Her
body is twisted, with most of the weight on her right
hip.  She is looking up toward the house, her back to
us. The top of her body is raised on her thin arms. I
don't know what I would have made of this picture if I
hadn't read the accompanying essay--maybe if I saw it
in a large painting instead of a small square, I would
realize that her arms are in a crawling position.
Apparently she is crawling up the hill toward home,
dragging her useless legs.



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