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HI Gene, 


Unless I have something I really want to go to there it is not one of my
favorite places. At one time I lived up in Arcata CA  on the north coast. 




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Katie Hill 



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And I live way up in sacrilige, aka sacramento, and no way will I board a
big grey dog to los non angeles lol. I hate that place.

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I live in Covina, about 20 miles East of Los Angeles. I wish you could come
out to the restaurant where I play. We could have dinner. You could meet my
wife and hang out while I play a set or two. If you will have
transportation, that might work. Hope you enjoy yourself out here in my
land. grin. I got that expression from my little grand daughter when she was
five. She invited us to come to see her in her land. I love it so I have
kept it in my vocabulary. 

Jim Rawls, from,, my land. Grin.

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Hello All, 


Just wanted to mention that I will be in LA in late July from July 29  to
August 5th. IF there is anyone in the area that might like to meet for
dinner or something, let me know. I will be staying at the universal
Sheriton. Now, since I don't know that area I can't tell you exactly where
it is. 




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- George Bernard Shaw


Katie Hill




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