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You are so sweet, Cindy! I am about 70% better, but that beats a week of
horrible and sleep and care, and sleep and care.  Wink.  I got a nasty sinus
infection from wild weather swings, so thankfully I was not contagious.  As
I was getting pretty sick, a smoker came in my home and I had a nasty asthma
flare for 4 days.  I told her not to come, but no one listens to me.  LOL
Oh, well, I told them I cannot see them until after I am well, and only
outside.  Mean, aren't I?

Books were my solace in my sleepless hours, though.  Just sorry I messed up
while I was sick.  

I cannot tell everyone here how much I appreciate your patience and
mentoring.  I may not be print disabled, but I am loving reading as I proof
so much more than holding a book since I have carpal tunnel.  The ability to
enlarge fonts and so much more makes computer reading a real joy!

Have a great day!

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> Valaerie, I'm reallysorry to hear you've been sick, butg glad your
> illness is winsing up. Being sicck oneself is bad enough but
> particularly difficult when you have family to take care of. DO you
> have help? Are husband and daughters ok.?, i.e., didn't also get sick?
> Was it the new flu or something else? Relax and take care of yourself .
> Cindy

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