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Hi, Lynn, I am a fellow Stream user. First of all, when you put your SD card
into your Stream, if you look at your menu options (press the 7 key), one of
the choices you have is "format SD card". When I got my Stream, I was told
to connect it to my computer via the USB plug that came with it. I also had
to charge it via the other cord that I put in the surge protector. If you
put your SD card in your Stream, it will format your card for you with
folders designated VR audible, VR DTB, etc. I also should tell you the only
thing you'll hear when the Stream is on is "Stream connected". You can't
listen to your books if the USB plug is connected to your computer. (lesson
1-1/2). I don't know if you plan to use the Humanware Companion or not. I
use it to transfer books from NLS from my Documents folder on the desktop to
my Stream.Some folks use it and I think if you don't want to do this, You
can unzip your downloaded files and do a cut-and-paste job and the file will
be in the proper folder. I suppose you can leave the file zipped and the
Stream will open the file for you. If you wish me to go into excruciating
details filled with anecdotes, I'd be happy to oblige you. Remember, I'm a
non-technogeek-type person so I can translate stuff into my own words and
hopefully you will be informed or at least have a good laugh. Regards, Kim.


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Hello Everyone!
Sorry to ask my question here, but I know many of you are Stream users, and
I don't really want to subscribe to the Stream discussion list.
I just received my Stream user key for NLS books and have installed it on my
My question is: When I download my first NLS book, will the Stream
automatically create an NLS folder on my Stream or do I have to create it
Thank you.
Lynn I

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