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oh man. Toy stores! Once my x-boyfriend and I were removed from a Kay Bee
because we kept activating all the Tigger toys which would sing and bounce.
Little kids  came by and were doing the same and all of a sudden there were
Tiggers bouncing off shelves and down isles and all kinds of havoc.
Another great toy store to find realistic animals is at FAO Shwartz. I
thought they  went out of business a couple years ago, or at least the one
here in time square, but my little sister just went with some friends around
Christmas. Some of their stuff is really expensive, but it is pretty
realistic looking and comes in many many sizes. Once I was in a mall in
Florida and I wanted to go to FAO to look for something, and the rest of the
family wasn't interested so I said I'd go on my own and meet them at the
restaurant. FAO was on the way, so they did walk with me, and just looking
in the window they all went wild. I swear it ook me more than half an hour
to escape the rest of the family in the stuffed animal section who were
running around with all kinds of animals in their hands and quizzing me what
things were.
Even my dog was having a good time time there. She of course liked the
life-sized yellow lab which was curled up in a ball on a dog bed with four
or five little lab puppies.
She did not like the life-sized talking tree with the screaming hyenas in
it. Or maybe they were chips I can't remember.

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> Or how animals move.  I have models of horses in different "gaits" because
> there is obviously no way to feel a horse trotting, or galloping, or the
> like.  Speaking of Models and bringing up the Big Picture.  Has anyone
> The Three Blind Men and the Elephant?
> When I was teaching about the Chesapeake Bay I found a really neat model
> a jelly fish at AC More, the art store.  My kids loved it, and it was a
> way for them, and me to experience a jelly fish for the first time, smile.
> I also brought in a statue of a crab, a lobster, a seal, a dolphin, a
> pelican and other animals that would be around the Bay.  We also talked
> about other books and I tried to have some kind of tactile experience to
> with the books.
> AC Moore, has a wide variety of animal statues, they are in the kids
> and some of them, are truly detailed.  The Bald Eagle, you can feel each
> every feather.  And the buffalo, you can feel the shagginess of the head
> the less rough but still stiff hairs of the hind end, with the statue.
> Truly awesome detail.
> St. Lucy's Day School started a "tactile library" for their students.  I
> wish other school districts or itinerate teachers had similar kinds of
> resources.
> Smile, you can tell my room is filled with nick nacks.  I have like three
> shelves of animal statues.  smile.
> Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden
> juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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> The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to
> stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs.
>       -- Vance Havner
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> Toy stores are sometimes a good place for models.  I used to get models of
> the early rockets when we were still sending folks up regularly, Alan
> Shepherd and John Glenn and such.
> Models are also good because as a person who has always been blind i do
> know what everyday things like tractors look like.
> E.
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