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  • From: Barbara <barbarab65@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 17:24:28 -0700 (PDT)

Is it Kurzweil compatible?

Shane Christenson <drummershane@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  hi, Barbara. I just 
recently bought a Plustek opticbook 3600. It is a 
book-edge scanner, which means it will let the part of the book 
that's not being scanned, hang from the edge of the unit, allowing 
for scanning of print that is typically very close to the insides of 
pages in some books. While it isn't great for scanning photos, it is 
very highly rated for its ability to scan books. The reviews on 
amazon.com will even say so. You'll see mixed reviews, but the bad 
ones usually come from those trying to scan photos, or from those who 
for some reason didn't install the software properly. Those who are 
looking to just scan books, and do it in a relatively timely fashion, 
rave about it. I installed it on my machine at work, and the problem 
I had was that it was conflicting with our networked 
scanner/printer/fax/copier machine. I disabled it on my machine, and 
now the scanner works beautifully. It's a bit more expensive then one 
of the flatbeds like a cannon or one of the epsons, (about 250 
dollars including shipping) as opposed to an 80-dollar cannon, Which 
in their own rights are great. I own one of the cannons, and while it 
produces great scans, it's not the easiest thing in the world for 
scanning books, although it's doable. If you're just looking to scan 
books with mostly straight text, the plustek opticbook is worth 
every penny. Some other people on this list also have the opticbook 
3600, and I believe will also swear by it. if you decide to get one 
of these, nay of us who have it all ready, will be able to help you 
get it set up, should you have any questions. I hope this helps.

At 11:45 PM 8/10/2007, you wrote:
>I just bought a V 100 Epson scanner from Best Buy. Is there a better 
>scanner that I can get? The Epson is better than my old HP but still 
>cannot detect different types of print well. Does anyone have any 
>suggestions? My HP model is a 3600C. Should I keep my old HP and 
>return the Epson? I know that we have talked about scanners before 
>but I didn't need one so I didn't pay attention to the information 
>in the e-mails. I would appreciate it if we can open the discussion 
>about scanners, again. I want to get an excellent scanner so that I 
>don't have to correct tons of scanning errors. I am sure that you 
>all understand.

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