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Saint Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine. She prayed over a period of 17 years for a conversion for her son Augustine, who was the penultimate playboy of the era (the early 400s).

Augustine did convert to Christianity, and became one of the most important philosophers and theologians of the Roman Catholic Church.

Monica is one of the better known Saints in the Roman Catholic Church. Augustine wrote quite a bit about Monica and her virtues in his book, "Confessions," a book which is still widely read and often required reading in philosophy courses. I found it surprisingly readable way back when I was in college and it was required reading, given that the book was written over 1500 years ago.

Two different copies of "Confessions" are in the Bookshare collection at the following links:


and a public domain version at


Judy s.

Cindy Rosenthal wrote:
There's a statue of her, if I remember correctly, in
the park in Santa Monica, CA, that explains who she
was--but I don't remember.

Cindy Ro

--- Monica Willyard <rhyami@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ann, now you've got me curious about who Saint
Monica was. I didn't even
know there was a famous person with my name. (smile)
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