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  • From: Melissa Smith <mdsmith25@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 11:21:16 -0600

Check out the modify search section. Once you have performed a search, there is a section on the search results page called modify search. Here are combo boxes, one of which allows you to choose whether to sort by title, author, date added, and, I think the other one is, copyright date.

Not directed to you specifically, but to everyone in general, if a site has changed it's format, or you are looking at a new site, it is a good idea to explore the entire page. Many times, thinks are missed, because many blind folks will simply execute a find, or use access keys, to quickly find what they are looking for. This is great for sites that you know, and haven't recently changed, but you can see how you might miss something on a new or recently redesigned site.


Lynn Zelvin wrote:
That's too bad. Clearly they need to fix this. It was always possible to do a keyword search on bookshare using google. Like, if you want to search any site for something, in the search field in google you just write site: followed by the full web address, and than any keyword or other string you enter will be only on that site. So to search bookshare for keywords, I entered site:http://www.bookshare.org and following that with a space and the word macrame, I'd get a list of results of any page on the bookshare site with the word macrame in it. The bookshare search engine was better for just what it did - only searching titles and authors. Temporarily, you could probably get better title search results using google, since you could search for only pages that contain both a specific title and author, a full author name, or other combinations of words and exact strings. This is made easier somewhat using the advanced search page but if anyone wants a better idea of how to use google for this purpose, I may have ideas for you.

If it's OK to ask user questions here, the big thing I can no longer do since the new site went up is to find books in a category starting with the most recent. So, I used to go to the mystery and thriller category and since the most recent books would be listed first, I could easily see what new in that category had been added. It seems like one can't do that now since the new search field doesn't allow one to leave the title and author fields blank and just sort by category and date. But maybe there is something I'm missing? Anyone know?

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