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Hi Kaitlyn,

I already have a notetaker but use it for reading.  And I am not the type of
person who would need a computer for business.  I seem to get from you that
you really like Dell laptops.  Right now I have a Gateway Tower with a huge
monitor.  The monitor, keyboard and my Powerbraille sit on top of my desk
and the tower or desktop sits under my table.  So you can see why I would
want a lighter one, but still a durable one.  Thanks a  lot for giving us
this info.


Sue S.

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Hello sue and Kasondra,

The one this about laptops is the power the screen takes. I am still doing
some research on how to turn these off.

My view is that if you are use to using many standard programs you can be
sure they will run on most all laptops.
Where some of the adaptive note takers and readers do a lot you are still
have some limitations on what you can run. I have talked with a few people
that have them and they all really like them.

It comes down to your needs, type of access you want to have with the unit
and cost.

I am real happy with the Dell laptops and you can get the 700Ms for down
around $700.

If you are looking for portability the two that get down there around 3 LBS
or less are the Sony Vaio 300 series at 3.04 Lbs. and the Toshiba at 2.4
Lbs. the Sony is much more full featured but for down and dirty light weight
it looks like the Toshiba.

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Hi Kasondra,

Does your laptop have a print screen in case you need sighted help?  I am
shopping a bit as well.

Sue S.

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I have found the laptop keyboard much easier to use than my ancient desktop.
JAWS commands are also much easier to execute because the keys are much
closer together.  I have had to modify very few of the JAWS keystrokes.  I
don't even really miss the number pad.

Kasondra Payne

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