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Thank you so so much!  That will work just fine.  This group is such a
wonderful resource.  I'm a happy person tonight. <big contented grin>


Monica in Maryland  

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I am pretty sure that's right.  You gotta pay, and the cheapest one I've
seen from RFB&D is $199, unless you get some kind of promotion.  If you get
your own CD player - I think it has to play MP3's, but you better check that
- you can send it to them and they modify it so that it can play their
books.  That will cost you only $10.  That might be a better deal than
buying one of their players, but I don't know if you would lose any nice
features that theirs might have that an ordinary player wouldn't.  I'm
holding out for a better price before I buy one from them.  I can get
cassettes until next June, and I will wait and see what kind of deals come
along between now and then.

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     Is there any free or affordable reader for RFBD books?  The old tape
players came from NLS and there wasn?t a charge.  But, now RFBD is only
doing CDs.  However, there doesn?t seem to be a free CD player for eligible
students.  Is this right?


Monica in Maryland

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