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Hello Laura Ann, 


There has been a discussion on the Kurzweil list and as more and more people
are getting the OpticBook 3600 it is definitely sounding like an excellent
choice for a new scanner. Plus you can still use it as a flat bed. 



Katie Hill 

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I submitted a lot of books I have scanned over the past few weeks.
I validated them and it looks like that is the only reason they are back in
step one.
If someone wants to validate some easy books  go for it.

The authors are
Ted Dekker
Bill Myers
Debra White Smith
Lynn Cote
Tim LaHaye, Bob Phillips
Terri Blackstock
Bill Bright, Ted Dekker
Tim Downs
Randall Arthur

I didn't know there was such a problem if it was done correctly validating
books I had scanned.
I have done it off and on during the past year thinking it was helping add
books to the library.
I have read a lot of these but not all of them but know they are complete
scans of the entire book from front to back covers.

I had extra time this past week and was just trying to help build the
collection but I guess all the time and efforts I put into that were in vain
since they are back on the down load validate page.

I wasn't aware that we were not suppose to self validate at all I just
thought it was suggested not a law.

I know now.
and will be very careful what I do volunteer wise from now on.

Laura Ann

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