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Actually, there's one of the Robb books which needed replacing because it
has some missing words.  Naked in Death is sitting in the admin queue if
you'd like to drop Gustavo a hint to process it so that they will all truely
be in Excellent shape.  I had planned to notify everyone when it is approved
that the series is up to date and point them to the series listing on Jake's
website to make it easier for them to know in which order to read the books.






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Discovered a curious thing today.  I was chopping up a book at the office
and one of the back pages had an ad for a Nora Roberts book.  It said "A
Berkley Paperback Coming in July 1995. New York Times bestselling author
Nora Roberts writing as D. J. MacGregor - Naked in Death. Eve Dallas is a
New York police lieutenant blah blah blah"


Anyone spot the discrepancy there?  I know Gerald will get it instantly.
For those of you unfamiliar with Nora Roberts' In Death series, every one of
them has the author's name listed as J. D. Robb, not D. J. MacGregor.  They
must have put the ad in the book and then later changed her pen name from
MacGregor to Robb.


(By the way, Bookshare has the complete set of the In Death books.)





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