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Hi all,

Original message:
Cindy and Cindy, there are four women named Monica on this list and another woman who spells hers with a k in her name. I use my last name in my signature, and so do they. It seems to work out well that way. Of course, nicknames or handles that describe you are good too. Monika with a k signs her messages as Monika in Maryland. Grandma Cindy, if you don't like the grandma part, we can always change to calling you something different.

This may be OT, but I have to speak up here. Our society is horrible when it comes to dealing with our elders! It's just like once you're over fifty or sixty, you all of a sudden become persona non grata, or second class. Me, I prefer to see age as conferring wisdom, experience, and a balanced view of things. We're so stuck on the view that unless you're young, you're worthless, that it permiates our whole society. Men change their hair color and so do women because they think they're ugly with gray hair! I'm not even going to go into the whole thing of face lifts and so on to disguise one's age.

Well, folks, we better get used to it. What with the increasing advances in medical technology, our elder population is going to expand. We better start using them as the advisors, counselors, experienced workers and general all around good people that they are!

It may interest you to know that places like McDonalds, Wendys, Walmart and so on are finally waking up to the fact that if they hire elders to do the work they used to think could be done best by kids, they are getting a competent, caring, and steady work force. I'd much prefer to be waited on by an elder than by some kid who can't even make change!

Grandma Cindy, you are an elder, a respected, experienced one, and I think you should be proud to be one!

Ann P.

Ann K. Parsons
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