[bksvol-discuss] OT: Multiple Cindys

  • From: Grandma Cindy <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 20:03:56 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, Cindy.

Whatever you feel comfortable with. I was the first
Cindy, and Lissi became Lissi instead of Cindy. When
another one appeared, I became Grandma Cindy, but I
don't like to sign that way--it makes me feel too
old--but I added that somewhere so it does show up.
The next Cindy chose to sign as Cindy Ray or Cindy
Lou--I think that's the same person, smile.

I see the the second Amber uses her last initial and
so became Amber G. So whatever you choose to do is
fine--. If people are careful, and I've begun to do
this for Ambers and Allisons, they'll look at the From
address and notice which Cindy is writing. smile

Cindy (Grandma)
--- Cindy Warford <cindy_warford@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi All,
> First, my sincere thanks to all of you who weighed
> in on this subject.  This
> was just the sort of discussion I was hoping for.
> Allison, Shane and others, I appreciate your
> pointing out that this could be
> overwhelming to some.  I had honestly meant to write
> in the first few
> sentences that I saw this as an optional step for
> validators.  I just
> started typing and forgot to go back and put that
> in.
> What I Propose to do Next:
> If I'm reading this correctly, as long as the
> tutorial (thank you, Ann P,)
> isn't required no one is violently opposed to such a
> thing.  So, I'm going
> to start working on it.  Thank you Monica W. for
> pointing out the wisdom of
> using a public domain book for the exercise.  Also
> for the great idea of
> letting others know a tutorial exists via the
> welcome message they receive
> from Bookshare.  Will you, Mayrie ReNae, Jim Pardee
> and others of you who
> don't mind sharing please send me any tips and
> tricks you have around
> validation.  I don't mind getting multiple copies of
> the same thing, and
> this will avoid the "bystander apathy" aspect where
> everyone thinks someone
> else has done it.  Also, a person pointed out that
> it would be very helpful
> to have information around using note takers, such
> as the BrailleNote,  when
> validating.  I use Word so would appreciate any
> information anyone is
> willing to share on this topic, and I will include
> it in the tutorial.  Once
> I have the packet together I will approach someone
> with Bookshare and see If
> this can be posted, both as one "kit" and as
> separate parts, (thanks Bob,
> Stacey  and Susan for this idea) hopefully on
> friendsofbookshare.org as well
> as Jake's site.  If the answer is "no", well then
> I've learned a lot myself
> and no problem.
> Personal notes:
> Thanks, Amber, Stacey with dog Chesley and others
> who felt something like
> this might be helpful to them.  It's nice to know
> I'm not the only one who
> found validating a little daunting at first.  It's
> great to have a volunteer
> force made up of such versatile personalities.  The
> world would be a very
> boring and different place if this were not true.
> Ann P, I'm familiar with your work both with
> Bookshare as well as in other
> realms, and you NEVER do a "bumbling" job; always
> excellent!  Thanks for
> making me smile and feel better, as well as helping
> me explain the idea.
> Monica W., again thank you for your excellent points
> as well as for pointing
> out that validation isn't always a quick process. 
> It definitely depends on
> the scan.  The book I was working on had quite a few
> errors.  However,
> scanners, I don't think this is necessarily your job
> to clean up your scans.
> My volunteer validating would know longer be
> necessary, and as others
> expressed, it does feel good to try and give
> something back to an
> organization that has given so much to me.
> Lori C., Grandma Cindy, and others: thanks for the
> warm welcome to the list
> as well as for the suggestions around how you handle
> validation!  I have
> noticed I'm not the only Cindy around.  Wow, Cindy
> number 4; I could be
> Cynthia if that would help <smile>.
> Congrats to Stacie, Marcus W. and others who have
> completed their first
> validation.  I will definitely celebrate on list
> when mine is complete!  I
> raise my bottled water in a toast to you all!
> Again, thank you to all for your valuable input, and
> I look forward to
> getting started on this project, so please send any
> helpful info my way.
> Best Regards,
> Cindy, AKA Cynthia,  Warford
> Cindy_warford@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> "Success is loving life and daring to live it".
> - Maya Angelou
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