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Thank you for those nice words about what I am doing.  We were in a parent
support group through the school district in Minnesota.  This was for the
parents of young disabled kids.  Some of the parents had autistic children.
Most of the time it was mothers that came to the group, and they often said
that the fathers were freaked out about their kids' disabilities.  Shawn was
one of the few fathers that ever came to the group because his work schedule
allowed for it.  He was very open about his feelings when we discovered that
both boys were disabled.  It was a little weird to watch my husband in a
room with ten women.  The women with autistic children were especially
frustrated at the behavior of their husbands.  They were really in denial.
Towards the end of our time there, some of the men started coming.  It was
nice because Shawn had other men to relate to.  He also set the example of
an involved father.  It was really nice.  Your daughter is really right that
parents need the education.  She is doing a good thing by helping them.

Kasondra Payne

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