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Let?s talk turkey

Are you still rushing around, trying to get things ready for tomorrow? Don?t
worry. You?re not alone. I?ll bet many people haven?t even decided how to
the turkey.

If you?re still fretting about tomorrow?s meal, I?m here to help. I?ve got great
sites with ideas for your Thanksgiving meal.

Frying has become a popular way to prepare a turkey. It locks in the juices,
making the meat succulent. And, the turkey doesn?t come out greasy, as you
might expect. If you?ve never tried frying a turkey, visit LouAna?s site. Its
tips and step-by-step instructions will get you going. Be sure to read the
safety tips!

If you want something different, stop by the National Turkey Federation. You?ll
find recipes that meet your specific criteria. And don?t miss the cooking
demonstrations. You?ll probably have some leftovers. Well, this is the site to
visit for ideas for leftovers.

Finally, we have the name synonymous with turkey Butterball. And the company
wants to help you prepare the perfect turkey. You can use the tools to help you
calculate cooking time. There are also videos and conversion charts you can
consult. But, the site?s real draw is Turkey Talk-Line. E-mail or call in with
your question. You?ll get advice from the experts in turkey!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

LouAna?s site

National Turkey Federation

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